Thank you

We have had a lot of help in getting to the trail head.  Figuratively and literally.  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to a lot of people, so huge that if we had a roof top to shout it from we would.  But we don’t so we are going to use our blog as the sounding board for our appreciation.

First and foremost we want to thank both of our families.  Not just immediate but extended as well.  People always want to know how our families feel about what we are doing… I think that people assume that our families aren’t totally jazzed about all this because what we are doing is so off the cusp.  But our families excitement about our adventure started out strong and has been growing exponentially as it becomes more of a reality.  Some of them know more about the trail then we do!  There’s just no denying it, without them we wouldn’t be doing this, we wouldn’t even be close.  It would have taken us two or three years to prepare for something that took us just five months.

Second we would like to thank our friends  for their support and their questions.  We love questions and we love talking about what we are doing.  It has been wonderful to share our plans with people who care.  It is even more exciting to hear that people want to meet up with us while we are hiking or when they let us know they will be keeping track of us using this blog.

These last few months have impressed upon us how huge our support base really is.  It is a blessing and a curse, a curse because we have a lot of people to miss while we are hiking.

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