So you keep seeing the word Patreon all over our website and you’re wondering what it is? Well wonder no longer! Patreon is a website designed to help patrons support their chosen creators. Does Tandem Trekking bring you joy? Do you turn to us to help you plan your future adventures or thru hikes? Have we inspired you to undertake that dream adventure that has been intimidating you for years? If Tandem Trekking inspires, entertains, or informs you in any way, please consider giving back to Tandem Trekking!

What can you do for Tandem Trekking? 

You can support Tandem Trekking by becoming a patron!

Here is the deal folks. For years now I have been running Tandem Trekking out of the goodness of my heart because, honestly, it brings me a lot of joy. But the cost of up keep is becoming somewhat limiting, not to mention the amount of time I would like to put into the blog is hard to come by. What I would love is to take the blog to the next level. Here are the two main areas that your money would go towards:

  • Keeping Tandem Trekking ad free and random-weird-post free. People contact me frequently, asking to post things to the blog in exchange for giving me money. I really don’t want to give in to them, but as the cost of running the blog rises it is becoming tempting. So help keep our content focused and real!
  • Helping to mitigate the personal costs of running the blog. A strange number of costs continually pop up and then I have to justify them to Kyle. No matter how fabulous my justifications he gets grouchy. The costs include things like WordPress payments, Dropbox payments, domain name payments, camera cleanings, trail worthy blogging and podcasting equipment, Adobe Suite payments, etc. So please contribute and help make Kyle less grouchy and resentful of the blog.

Those are the two main things BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams. If I was able to reach all my Patreon goals the following things could also be possible:

  • More Podcasting! Podcasting was great and fun and basically impossible to do from the Pacific Crest Trail. But now we are back and in a much better position to create more podcasts. However, podcasting takes an inordinate amount of time and energy. With your support I could convince Kyle I should work less and podcast more.
  • More Videos! Realistically we have made one video on the blog. And it was shot on a really crappy camera… But now we have a amazing nice camera and would love to start making more videos of our adventures.
  • Compensating an editor. Okay, really what this means is having someone (my brother) read through all of our posts and edit them for grammar and spelling. I would love to be able to compensate someone in order to get a second pair of eyes on the posts so they can be error free and polished by the time they get to you!
  • Maybe, just maybe, I will write a book. This one is a bit of a pipe dream but in some crazy, way out there world, where I could work less and write more, I would love to finally write a book. About our adventures. And thru hiking. And being a millennial. And nostalgia. In order to make this dream come true though I need a lot of free time and a lot less job time.
  • The biggest dream of all? Kyle and I take to the road full time, writing and adventuring, guided by your Patreon survey suggestions, allowing you to choose our trips and live vicariously through us via a multimedia experience.

So you get it now. We write things and take photos and would love to make podcasts and videos and maybe even write a book some day. You’re into it, you live vicariously through it, you even get some say in what we do and where we go.  Sign up to be a contributor! Some things to note:

Patreon is not like a Kickstarter, it is more like a magazine subscription. You decide on an amount that you are comfortable paying monthly and it will automatically come out of your bank account.

We have set up Patreon so that, if you become a Patreon, you will receive different benefits depending on what level you contribute at. Some of the benefits are pretty cool, like unlimited access to gear advice, the opportunity to decide our adventures, Tandem Trekking swag, your name in ALL the credits, and prints of Kyle’s photography!

You can end your patronage at any time, so don’t feel like you are making a life long commitment. Try it out for a few months and see what you think!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in and you have a few extra bucks laying around then consider clicking on the link below and learning more about becoming a patron of Tandem Trekking. By signing up you also get all sorts of awesome perks like Tandem Trekking swag, access to our private patron only feed, personalized gear advice, and so much more!