Lindsey: The Writer

This is me.  I have big hair and an even bigger personality. I grew up camping with my family and with my girl scout troop, but didn’t really get into backpacking until I started working with the American Conservation Experience. Since then I have been a backpacking fiend and stayed active in the conservation and trail building world. I have worked for EarthCorps in Seattle, on King County Backcountry Trails, and at Mount Rainier National Park as a trail crew member. When I am not working you might find me sailing with my family or doing crosswords and playing board games with friends. My most honed outdoor skill: super speedy shitting in the woods.

When Kyle and I first started this blog I thought we would both write blog posts.  That dream died quickly when I discovered Kyle wouldn’t write blog posts unless I twisted his arm.  So I gave up and let him stay where he felt most inspired, behind a camera.  But I kept writing because it is something that I have always loved to do. Because this blog is motivated by adventure my hope is that my writing oscillates between informative, inspiring, and entertaining, sometimes encompassing all three in the same post.  We are honored that you are here reading and if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!