Kyle: The Photographer

Kyle went camping for the first time when he was 26 years old and it changed his life. After that he quit his job as an architect and moved to Arizona to join the American Conservation Experience where we met. Things I know about Kyle: he rides a fixie, he takes a mean photo, he harbors an addiction for sweets (rock candy and skittles are his favorite), and he spends most of his free time running or at the climbing gym. He is obsessed with Conrad Anchor. Sometimes he puts the child lock on in the car and then farts… I still love him.

Kyle is now the blogs official photographer.  I say now because much of what you see taken before the summer of 2015 was taken on a crappy point and shoot by yours truly.  But thanks to Kyle’s dedication and commitment we have decided to take things up a notch.  For that purpose Kyle purchased a Sony A7 with a 35mm lens. Everything you see here on the blog is authentic and real.  Now it is up to me to make sure that my writing is up to par with his photos.  Here is a sample of photographs taken by Kyle to give you a teaser of what is to come:

Mount Rainier-54




Wonderland Trail-3

Wonderland Trail-28

Wonderland Trail-134

Washington Scrambles-28

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