Backpacking Coaching

Are you new to backpacking? Trying to lighten up your backpacking kit? Have questions about how to find trails? Just have questions in general and wish there was someone to talk to? Come talk to me.

I offer coaching session for all things backpacking on a $0 – whatever you want to pay an hour ($50 an hour seems to be the normal rate but I want backpacking to be accessible so I am willing to negotiate but also please respect my time). Always free for people of color. We can chat on the phone, over skype or in person if you live in the PNW. Payment via venmo, paypal or cash preferred. I can help with the following things:

  • Meal planning and prep for a backpacking trip, including dehydration
  • Gear advice
  • How to lighten your load
  • Pack shakedowns
  • How to backpack on a budget
  • Trail selection
  • Clothing and footwear selection
  • Foot care while on trail
  • Physical training advice and accountability
  • Permits and regulations by land classification
  • Mental strength training and overcoming fears
  • Just answering questions or providing support as you get started

To learn more or schedule a coaching session email me at!