What is Tandem Trekking?

My name is Lindsey.  My beyoncé’s name is Kyle (sometimes I use beyoncé instead of fiancé because fiancé is a really fancy word, too fancy for me, and beyoncé rhymes with fiancé but isn’t fiancé).  Together we make up Tandem Trekking.  I do the writing, he takes the pictures.

Kyle and I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2013.  Tandem Trekking began as a way to share those stories.  After finishing the Appalachian Trail we moved back out West to Seattle and discovered mountaineering. For a couple of years we lived the life of the weekend warrior, bagged a lot of peaks, and backpacked whenever we could. Then in 2016 we quit our jobs again to thru hike the Pacific Crest Trail. We crossed into Canada on September 20th, checking another thru hike off our list. Now we are back in Seattle, climbing mountains, rafting river, and hiking trails. We welcome you to live vicariously through our blog posts, photographs, videos and podcasts.

poster pics-3
Here is a picture of me holding a sign that says Tandem Trekking and looking dramatic. Got it?

How did you two meet?

Our Story: Kyle and I met in 2011 at the Phoenix Airport (romantic, I know) where we were both waiting to be picked up so we could start volunteering with the American Conservation Experience.  It was basically love at first sight, I thought Kyle had a nice smile and an inspiring story and he thought I had a great ass.  A month or so later I sprung a crazy idea on him while we lay in our tent somewhere in the Coconino National Forest: What if we hiked the Appalachian Trail together?  He agreed instantly.  This proves that we are both crazy and thus, perfect for each other (ugh, that was sappy).

Kyle likes to take pictures of me while I’m peeing; I don’t think it is as funny as he does.

Does Tandem Trekking bring you joy? Consider supporting us on Patreon!

Maybe you’re new to Tandem Trekking or maybe you have been following us since we set foot on the Appalachian Trail. Either way, if you find yourself coming back for more on a regular basis, if you use our planning posts to help you prepare for upcoming adventures, if you laughed out loud while reading posts, consider becoming one of our patrons! Patreon is a website that allows patrons to support their chosen creators. By becoming one of our patrons you will receive all sorts of cool perks, from Tandem Trekking Swag to personalized gear advice. To learn more click the link below to view our Patreon profile!


Feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions you have about gear, sponsorships, thru hiking, or becoming a patron of Tandem Trekking!

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