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Okay, this is breaking a little bit from our typically very outdoorsy theme, but I just wanted to butt into our own adventures to tell you that Kyle and I have officially embarked upon a different kind of adventure: marriage. On July 29th we stood in the middle of a giant circle of our friends and family, tears streaming down our faces, while they sang Mountain Thyme and pronounced us partners for life.

Kyle is an incredible human who has awoken in me a thirst for adventure, a desire to push my boundaries and ultimately the ability to be my best self. I could have never asked for more because I never knew something this sweet was possible. All the ways in which we have grown and changed and flexed over the years make our relationship more precious, those moments have made us hardy and tough and have prepared us for all the challenges that we will face down the road.

For our ceremony we chose six words that we had six very important people talk about. These six words are concepts and actions that are integral to keeping our relationship alive and well and thriving: Determination, Respect, Trust, Adventure, Joy and Balance. What people shared about each word was beautiful and special and meant so much to us. Here is what the words mean to me.

Determination: To reach and meet our goals together. To love one another through thick and thin. A stubbornness that is integral to forgiveness.

Respect: For one another – we have to respect the other person and their wants and needs. Earned respect. We have to try and to push, we have to want to earn the respect of the person we love. To care. Respect means to listen and to see what the other person is and does. To really look hard at them.

Trust: No way around this one. I trust Kyle with my life and my love, for the rest of my forever. Unlike respect which has to be earned trust is given freely to the person you love and you work hard to let go of suspicion and jealousy because there isn’t any space for that when happiness and commitment are around.

Adventure: Everyone’s relationship is different but I know that one of the things that drives Kyle and I together, as two people holding hands and walking as one is a desire to see what is out there but also what is inside of us. And every time we adventure we are seeking that knowledge.

Joy: They say, and Nelson said at our wedding, that joy cannot exist without sadness. One cannot know extreme happiness without it’s dark counterpart. In this way I accept that we will embrace joy in our lives, we will wallow in the laughter and the high hearted moments, but we will weather the storm together as well.

Balance: Whether our balance is as extreme as hiking fifty miles and then laying in bed for twelve hours watching HGTV or as mellow as one person cooking and the other person doing the dishes we work hard for balance. We don’t keep score or tabs, we don’t think about who owes who what. We know that in a relationship this long what goes around comes around. I will support Kyle today but tomorrow I might need him to pick up my slack and he will.

We have already learned a lot together and practiced a lot of things and now we continue down that path of love and commitment. Honestly, this might be the longest and most exciting adventure I have ever embarked on. What we have done so far was really just a warm up walk, who knows where our feet and our desires and our love will take us. I can’t wait to see.

Our photography was done by the talented Raelee Marie. To see more and to contact her check out her website here! 

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As Edward Abbey said, "An indoor life is the next best thing to a premature burial."

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  1. Congratulations! You have already shared a lot together in your outdoor experiences. May your love continue to grow as you share the other experiences that are a part and parcel of being married.

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