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Tandem Trekking is back with a brand new look and a Patreon account! For a while now we have been considering creating a Patreon account. Patreon is a website that connects creators with their patrons and allows patrons to support their creators through a monthly subscription. In doing so you get all sorts of cool perks and we get a little help covering our overhead. Tandem Trekking will always be free for those who wish to follow our adventures, however lately I have been receiving a lot of paid offers to post blog posts that look like blog posts but are actually advertising. Because this blog is not free or cheap for us to run it is hard to turn them down, but I have because I strongly believe in delivering quality content to our followers. So we hope that you enjoy our quality content enough to support us in our decision not to accept funding from advertisers! Enjoy our Patreon video and visit our Patreon site by clicking the Patreon button below to learn more!

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As Edward Abbey said, "An indoor life is the next best thing to a premature burial."

7 thoughts on “Join Us on Patreon!

  1. Unpopular comment: I don’t think anyone wants to be reminded that they are living vicariously through you?? That starts to feel weird. Readers just want new content frequently. Could be any dang thing, thoughts about the sunset, the rain, running, longing, love. Love as an adventuring couple when you aren’t adventuring, what’s that like? Working jobs related to the outdoors without losing your soul in the weird beaurocratics and organizational bs?? Y’all got good stuff that you deserve to be compensated for, definitely, but I feel like bloggers get so focused on how to turn quality content into cash dollars that the effortless intimacy that is the original appeal gets lost. It’s a hard balance to journal for the public and that’s why nailing it is difficult.

    1. Hmm, tell me more! The reason we have been talking about living vicariously is that we just a ton of comments, emails, appreciations from readers who thank us for writing so much and so honestly, they say it allows them to live vicariously. Certainly that is not why everyone comes and stays with our blog, but I love the idea of it. If you can’t always be out there doing it yourself then why not find someone you like to live through? So I am curious to hear more about your criticism! We also loved the idea of giving back to our readers by rewarding them with the power to choose some of our adventures, to determine what they want to read about the most (not to mention we thought it sounded kind of fun to hand the reins over to fate). That kind of played into the living vicariously thing. We have a lot to write about, we aren’t about to change anything about the focus of our blog, just looking for a way to allow people who want to support us to do so! As someone who works in communications I know its helpful and always a good move to have a focused message. Sorry to hear you don’t like that one!

      1. Well for example right now I’m going back to school for another degree and it’s totally a good decision but it means a lot of summer classes and no big adventures! I def want to live vicariously through your enthusiastic well planned adventures, but when I put it like that I feel sad that I have so much freaking studying to do to get this degree done and all I can do is read about other people having fun and go running and maybe if I get all my stuff done for school and take time off work, go out to a waterfall. I’d rather just read about your adventures then remind myself of the ball and chain I currently have that keeps me from learning how to climb mountains, you know? It’s not a bad idea at all, I guess I’m just pointing out that “living vicariously” while totally a thing and something you need due compensation for, is not exactly something I feel good about right now. Maybe I’m the only one??

      2. Haha I’m sure you’re not. And I completely understand. We don’t need to point out the service we are providing, we just need to provide it! You’ve given me a lot to think about, thank you!

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