Secret Space Program

The day into Mount Shasta was basically down the whole way. We cruised downhill beneath the granite spires we had seen the day before, along an incredibly smooth and pleasant trail. Many of the streams we crossed were dry and the water had washed the granite boulders in them over and over again until they were snow white. We kept our eyes peeled for Cougars, there had been reports of sightings on Guthook, but much to our disappointment and I guess relief, we didn’t run into any. We did start to see more and more people on the trail as we got closer to the park boundaries. The PCT heads down to an underpass where you walk under I5 for the second time. I would be curious to know why they decided to take the trail so far west, instead of just staying on the east side of I5, but it felt good to know that we would now be walking mostly north/south. 

We got down to the road and decided to try hitching first, but we were eager to get into town and were at a very lonely onramp that didn’t get much use, so we called the Mount Shasta Taxi to come and get us. Boy am I glad we did, we were hardly in the car for two minutes before our driver began to tell us all about his beliefs. See, he is part of the Full Disclosure movement. We had no idea that there were ancient beings called Tellas or Lumeria living under Mount Shasta, or that lenticular clouds were actually a clever disguise for docking space ships, or that people came from all over the world to experience the intense spiritual awakening that takes place when you live around Shasta. All I could do was nod and say, “Tell me more!” We scheduled a ride with him in the morning to get back to the trail and promised to look up Cory Goode, the man who has been chosen to communicate with the Tellas and the Blue Avians (a different group that are living outside of our planet). Oh, also, apparently NASA is just one giant coverup for the Secret Space Program and there are millions of people living on Mars (most of these people are considered missing persons here on earth) where they are conducting intergalactic trade. So now you know. Full disclosure. 

Although the we didn’t see any Blue Avians or Tellas while we were in Shasta Kyle did meet the mayor who polled him on how to get more hikers to come into town and I had a run in with the most incompetent cafe employee I have ever met at the Natural Foods Store. For the next section of our hike we had decided to go as light as possible and that meant going no cook, so we resupplied at the grocery store and spent way too much money. We then left a box of gear with the man who ran our hotel, planning to swing back by on our way to Dunsmuir and pick it up. The next morning, bright and early, we got another dose of disclosure on the way back to the trail. We started early enough that it was still dark because we were planning on doing a 30+ mile day, the longest day we had ever attempted out of town. It was a shockingly easy day, we rolled into camp nice and early, and had time to wash up in the river. We sat next to our tent, eating our creative no cook burritos, and watching bats fly out of the privy and swoop down to the river where they had their own smorgeousbord. We got to bed early and set our alarm for 3:00am. Why were we getting up at three? Because the next day we were going to attempt a 53 mile day. 

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As Edward Abbey said, "An indoor life is the next best thing to a premature burial."

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  1. Good pics on I5… I’d have picked you up for sure… Kyle too of course. 😉
    I hit a section along Smokey River in Willmore Wilderness, Alberta, where mountain lions were reported everywhere. I cinched up my pack as high as it would go up my neck, and continued on courageously. I was solo… Not a good feeling!

  2. It must be a very herculean travel journey with so much distance covered…Appreciated the way you have written the story….

  3. It’s a good thing you’re blogging while on this info is still fresh in your mind. I was looking at the food you eat and although at your age I could eat anything, nowadays, I’d be so sick within an hour. Oh to be young again! Like I told you long ago, I get to live vicariously through you. Thanks!!

  4. September 14 was my birthday. I was thinking of you. The Lemurians send their greetings. Mt Shasta is an amazing place. Totally amethyst energy!

  5. Had to chuckle at the hitchhiking photos! You seem to be having fun. Looks like beautiful landscape where you are on this day. Looking forward to hearing about the 53-mile-day planned. That’s a lot of miles on foot with a pack!

  6. There’s no water on the east side of I-5 and it’s boringly flat. On another note, I enjoy your blog. Wired connected me to you way back in the beginning. -GoalTech

  7. 53 Miles in a day, whoah. Did you make it?
    Sounds like you’re meeting a lot of very interesting (to say the least) people on your travels. 🙂

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