Trail Names

Both of the boys have finally accepted trail names. Thank gawd because I was really feeling silly introducing myself as Ponybear while they were still using their real names. So! Introducing:

Mr. Krumz and Don Quixote! 

Mr. Krumz: 

For those of you who have read a lot of our past posts you might recognize this name. It is actually a name that Kyle, our friend Kirsten and I came up with while we were on an overnight trip to Snowfield Basin. Kyle is OBSESSED with the crumbs that are left over in chip or cracker bags. He wants to start a company that goes around and collects all the crumbs that are created during manufacturing (we assume there is crumb waste created) and package and sell just the crumbs as their own snack. The snack would be called Krumz and the mascot is Mr. Krumz, an ogre who pours the bag into his mouth while shouting: FEE FI FO KRUMZ. Basically the ogre is Kyle, complete with a big beard filled with crumbs, for later. On this trip Kyle has embodied Mr. Krumz every time we have a snack break. Finally, after he had been going on about Krumz again for the umpteenth time, I suggested that be his trail name, and a smile spread across his face. When you hear the right name you just know.

Don Quixote: 

Cameron had been resistant to all of names we had suggested thus far. Well, maybe not resistant, but he just didn’t feel like they fit. We had suggested something about quotes, or movie lines, since all he does all day is quote them. We had suggested Bane, after he quoted Bane from Batman repeatedly and Kyle and I questioned the accuracy of his impression (turns out it is spot on). We suggested lots of names but none of them seemed to excite him. Until the other day when we were road walking the detour around the Poodle Dog Bush section. It was early morning and our shadows were cast in front of us. It was incredible how different the three of them looked. Kyle, with the hood of his sun shirt up and the foam pads on top of his backpack looked strangely like an Imperial Trooper from Star Wars. I looked like an over eager Boy Scout in my baseball cap and with my water bottles in my pockets. Cameron’s shadow look alike was also painfully obvious. With his flat brimmed hat, beard, and trekking pole held aloft like a lance we all shouted with joy that he was Don Quixote. We were all so pleased with the resemblance we kept giggling about it and finally I suggested that it would be a good trail name. Cameron didn’t hesitate to agree. You can hear the right trail name but the actual moment you accept it and make it your own is when you use it for the first time, to introduce yourself to a stranger. Later that day we were sitting around a water cache, meeting new people, when Cameron introduced himself as Don Quixote for the first time. It was glorious.

So there you have it: Don Quixote, Mr. Krumz and Ponybear. We become more trail-fied every day.

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7 thoughts on “Trail Names

  1. Yes Mr KRUMZ lives on! Can’t wait to see you guys in the Sierras!

  2. Excellent names. Don Quixote is one of my favorite reads. Lots of good quotes to take from there too if one has the patience to look.

  3. Congrats on your discovery of your trail names. Congrats also on your article in the pacific crest magazine, can’t wait to read it 🐴🐼. Maybe this will be a new discovery work wise in your life? Keeping up my daily prayers for you all and loving the connection. PMS

  4. very nice story! Trail names are indeed a delicate and a fine art, worthy of discussion over many miles, great way to pass the time, with your ad hoc trail name committee! Good stuff. Now…where are you please!

  5. my husband does not like hiking…however he does identifies with Mr. Krumz & would definitely buy this snack! too funny M.E.

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