Trail Angels Are The Best

Look, we loved trail angels on the AT. They did amazing cookouts and surprised us with magic when we least expected it. They lifted us up when we were down. They were a treat. On the PCT trail angles take on a new persona: that of your saviour. Out here we wouldn’t be able to make it through without them. Or we would, but it would be very difficult. Take today for example. There was a lot of conflicting information about the water source we were banking on. Some people said it did have water, the water report said that it was dry, we didn’t know what to believe. After some very heavy assurance that there was water there we decided to only carry two liters of water to the source. Turns out the source isn’t reliable, but Trail Angel Tom is. He was there with a quad full of gallons of water, filling up the cache that they have been trying to keep stocked since the spring went dry. What would be have done without him? This last stretch has been an extremely dry one, but there have been more water caches in this stretch than we have seen to date. Thank you a million times over to the people who are spending their time and money stocking these caches. Now that I am in California and I can see how bad the drought is here the water is that much more precious. 

And then there is the food. We basically didn’t need to carry food for yesterday because when we rolled into Mike Herrera’s we were immediately asked if they should throw a burger on the grill for us. We didn’t hesitate to say yes. Later that night they stuffed us full of spaghetti and cheesy bread sticks slathered in copious amounts of garlic butter. I thought I had died and gone to hiker heaven. Tomorrow there is the option to walk into the Paradise Cafe and have a burger and then the next day to eat a giant breakfast burrito at the Hemet Lake Campground. I know the breakfast burrito will be calling our name.

 The hitches we have received have been blessings. The women who took us into Jullian unloaded all of their extra food on us, including some amazing chips and hummus. The magic just keeps rolling in and we can not thank the people who provide it enough. So just remember, to those people out there hiking, donate to the places you stay, to those people that provide you wil shelter and food and water, make a good impression, and inspire them to keep giving. And don’t be an asshole. 

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As Edward Abbey said, "An indoor life is the next best thing to a premature burial."

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  1. Looks like my Savior is sending his Angels to watch over you and answering my prayers. Got to love that! love Pms

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