On Our Own 

I thought Kyle and I had seen wind a couple of nights ago, but last night the PCT showed us up.  Around 11 o’clock the whipping of our tent was getting so violent we finally decided it was time to pack up and move to a new tent site.  We wrestled with our tent as it attempted to escape down the mountain and forced it into a pack and set off down the trail.  We passed a couple of different spots that were too small for our plethora of guy lines.  Soon we were in engulfed in clouds.  After a mile and a half we finally found a spot we could squeeze into. We snuggled into our tent for four hours of sleep.  

Our day ended a little rough but that was fitting because it had started a little rough.  We had spent a zero day in Julian, getting free tickets to American Legion AYCE breakfast buffet and chilling at our adorable Bed and Breakfast.  We decided to get up early on Monday to hitch down the trail to try and avoid some of the heat of the day.  Alas, no one is driving out of Jullian down HWY 79 at six o’clock of the morning so we stood there for an hour before we finally got a hitch.  A lot of people have us a hand signal that I didn’t  understand… When we finally got a hitch it was from a very kind young teacher who drove like a mad man down the extremely twisty road to the Scissors Crossing.  He and I chatted but Kyle was strangely quiet, which I thought was weird until we got out of the car at the bottom and he sprinted into the creosote to puke.  He emerged, ashen, and asked me to get his stuff out of the back, he was terribly motion sick. 

We had a big “climb” to start the day, but with the mellow grade of the PCT it hardly felt like a climb.  It was a very brown day but it went quickly and we identified three new cacti we hadn’t seen yet. When we got to the third gate water cash we set up under a shady bush and hung out until five when we cooked dinner.  Then it was on to the extremely windy ridge where we foolishly camped. You know the rest. Today was probably the most beautiful day on trail yet.  We wove in and out of oak shaded ravines, we actually saw two running creeks, we followed long straight trails through wide open golden fields and amongst giant boulders.  Today we hit 100 miles, saw Eagle Rock, took an incredible bucket shower at Warner Springs, and Cameron arrived. Tomorrow the adventure continues. 

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As Edward Abbey said, "An indoor life is the next best thing to a premature burial."

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  1. My boys would always get sick on those roads. One would get earaches and the other would puke. Did you by chance stop for a milkshake in Julian or one of their famous Apple pies?

  2. Oh Kyle so sorry, man do you have it rough on the trail sometimes. Beautiful pictures and meeting with Cameron must be a blessing. Stay grounded love you all, pms

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