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Holy shit, I am sitting in the airport. And holy shit, we are about to start the PCT.  And Kyle just got himself a breakfast burrito that is for sure going to give him sting ring. 

Beginning something big brings a lot of emotions with it. Tomorrow we will be setting our feet on the PCT for the first time, but it will become our home for the next five or so months. How does one even begin to wrap a brain around such a huge change in lifestyle, structure, function, purpose.  

Yesterday, at my brothers graduation party, I had my first butterflies. Up until then my stomach had been strangely calm. But suddenly we were starting a countdown to the moment we had to leave for the Spokane aiport to fly back to Seattle to fly to San Diego and I was nervous.  Sitting here in the airport I still am. It is a strange thing to be nervous for something that is going to take the next five months to do. Because which exact moment are the nerves for? Am I nervous for the first couple steps?  For the first week?  For meeting people or running out of water or the whole thing? It is a strange thing to be nervous for something when you know your nerves will probably abate immediately upon starting.  Still, I am nervous.  

When we left my godparent’s house this morning we threw our packs into the back of the uber driver’s car only to discover that he was a PCT afficionado.  We discussed the PCT at length, and he clearly wasn’t someone who had just read “Wild”, he knew things about the trail, he had hiked parts of the trail, he had good questions about the trail.  We wished him farewell.  And then we were greeted by a very friendly TSA agent who was from the East Coast and knew everything about the AT.  He followed us through security to continue asking questions about the PCT.  I guess heading to the airport with giant packs on and wearing tiny shorts draws a little attention. 

So now we are sitting in the airport and giving eachother looks.  Cause holy shit, we are starting the PCT tomorrow.  

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As Edward Abbey said, "An indoor life is the next best thing to a premature burial."

15 thoughts on “Starting Something

  1. Can’t wait to read more about your experiences… good luck and I hope it’s an amazing journey!!

  2. I have a question for you. We are flying to New Hampahire next month to do a section of the AT there. How do you check your pack on the plane? Do you put it in a duffle bag to protect it? Are you carrying anything else with you that you will mail home or just your pack?

    Congratulations on starting!!!!!

    1. Hey so for this trip we kept our packs with us with important expensive stuff in them, like clothes, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, tent, etc. anything we couldn’t take on the airplane like stove, knife, trekking poles, we put into a duffle we bought at goodwill and we checked that bag. But if your bag is too big to be on a carry on and you have to check the whole thing then yes, buy a protective travel sack. If you can find one big enough at goodwill they have ones meant for putting your backpack in at rei. They are more expensive so you wouldn’t want to just ditch them at the airport. But they are light so you could carry them on your hike.

      1. Thanks for responding! Somehow I didn’t see this till now. I’ve been following your adventures on the PCT, which is awesome! We just got back from our section NH AT trip. We flew & ended up checking the packs in a bigger bag. I posted some videos of our AT section if you’d like to see them, though I know ur busy hiking! Have a great hike!

  3. Yes, you go. And keep going. And don’t look back . . . you just might see another one of those angry birds lurking in the woods. I know for a fact I’d be screaming holy shit on that one.

  4. Excellent! We were wondering when you were going to start. I expect you will be just fine…think of it as walking home. We live in SoCal, so if during your first 400 miles you get in a bind, let us know and we will see what we can do to help.

    OneSpeed and JustPaul
    (PCT 2014)

  5. Thanks for articulating our feelings from April 4, 2015. God’s speed!

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