Tandem Trekking: The Podcast

So for a while now I have been hinting that we have something big up our sleeves. The time has finally come for the big reveal…

Put your hands together for Tandem Trekking: The Podcast. That’s right, we are starting our very own podcast! This has been a couple of months in the making but we finally have all of our ducks in a row and I feel comfortable putting this information out there. To start with, I want to get some basic questions out of the way.

Where did you get the idea to do a podcast?

For those of you that don’t know, I am a podcast addict. I have about ten podcasts that I listen to religiously. I am one of those people that can relate any conversation I am having back to a podcast that I have listened too. I could gab about them all day. So one day, I was enjoying an episode of Reply All during my bus commute into Seattle, when it hit me. Why don’t we start a podcast? The idea grew and grew and pretty soon I felt like I was going to explode. I called Kyle and told him I wanted to meet up to talk about something very important over beers (we re-enact this scenario on our first podcast). He took a little convincing but I won him over.

Okay, so you love podcasts, but why make your own?

The thing that is so exciting to me about a podcast is that it allows us to share a very different point of view than we currently do on the blog. Incorporating a podcast into what we already do will make it possible to widen our lens, tell other people’s stories, focus on themes, capture sounds, and expose you to the trail in a way that is uniquely audio. Plus, I love podcasts so much I want to try my hand at making one. It seems like a fun challenge to me, one that I am excited to tackle.

What is the podcast going to be about?

Our thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, of course! We have about a million ideas for different episodes, but we are also planning on staying flexible and finding stories as they unfold.

How do you plan on making a podcast while you are hiking the PCT?

This has been most peoples’ number one question.  I can understand why.  I know we (and by we, I mean I) must seem a little crazy to plan on tackling the production, recording, editing, creating and posting of a podcast while we are in the wilderness, hiking every single day.  But I promise you, I have done my best to think this through and work out any of the kinks.  To start with we invested quite a bit of money (and are committing to carrying quite a bit of extra weight) in a technology set up that will allow us to blog and podcast better.  We bought an iPad mini, a Keys-to-go keyboard, and a Shure microphone.  This set up, along with all the cords it needs to function and a battery pack to recharge the iPad and or iPhone, adds a whopping two pounds to my pack, but it will allow me to write blog posts and edit podcasts from the backcountry.  One of our biggest gripes about the AT was how hard it was to blog.  We could only write a post when we got into town and often our computer access was limited.  Now I will be able to accomplish everything at night from our tent and post it on our off days.

On the editing front I tested around five or six different audio editing apps.  I ended up going with DAW Multitrack Editor, which has been working very well so far.  It seems to have very few glitches (knock on wood), gives me the flexibility I need when trying to edit with multiple tracks, is fairly straight forward, and I have only deleted all of my work once!  In order to prepare for creating podcasts from the trail I have put together two episodes from home, but I have produced them using only the tools that will be available to me on trail.  Having two podcasts ready will also allow us to have some lead time as we start working on our first episode on the trail.

What if you don’t have internet when you are in town?

This is absolutely a possibility that we are prepared to face.  We are bringing our iPhone and we have Verizon, which we hear has pretty excellent coverage on trail, so if need be we can always transform our phone into a hotspot.  This is our backup option if we can’t find wi-fi.  Backup backup option is that we just wait for the next town.  I mean, in the end this is a podcast from the trail, everything isn’t going to work out flawlessly.

Let’s say you are successful in making a podcast, how can I listen to it?

If you are interested in listening to our podcast you can do so right here on the blog.  Every episode we create will be posted here and can be accessed through the podcast tab at the top of the homepage (which will be appearing along with the first podcast).  You can also find our podcast on SoundCloud by searching Tandem Trekking.  It will also, hopefully, be available through iTunes after a couple of weeks, so keep your fingers crossed for us.  We hope to post a new episode every two weeks, which seems like an achievable goal, but only time will tell.

Although we are just novice podcasters, I hope that our abilities will grow as time goes on and the quality of our product will improve.  If at any point you have questions you want us to answer on the blog or comments for us feel free to email us at tandemtrekking@gmail.com.  You can expect to see the first episode posted in the next couple of days!

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  1. COOL!!!! Can’t wait to give it a listen! It is so amazing all the lightweight storytelling tools a person can get these days and I feel so fortunate to be around to listen/read/see all the great stories people are telling. I love your blog and listen to lots of podcasts so !!!!! Awesome! Thanks for carrying those extra 2 lbs for us!

  2. What a great idea looking forward to enjoying this venture from my home!

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