Sleeping Pad Dreams Do Come True

It has happened at last.  The thing we have been wishing and praying for.  A gear company has finally come out with a lightweight double sleeping pad.  This is not a joke, I repeat, this is not a joke.

Fits perfectly.  
A couple of days ago we discovered that Exped had released the SynMat Hyperlite Duo Sleeping Pad.  Basically, this is the exact same pad as the two we bought for the PCT, only it’s a double wide.  No gaps, no cracks, no annoying straps that slip around in the middle of the night AND it only weighs one more ounce than the two separate sleeping pads.  Our prayers have been answered.  So couples everywhere, especially those of us who own quilts, rejoice.  This is what we have been waiting for.



For all of you who don’t understand why this is such a big deal, allow me.  Last weekend Kyle and I went camping in the snow.  We brought our two sleeping pads, our double quilt and a pair of straps to strap the pads together.  Our sleeping pads are designed to contour eachother but, even so, there is small gap at the feet and the head where the pads curve away from each other.  When you are using a quilt your feet are sharing a foot box with your partners feet.  That means that both feet have to trend towards the center of the pads, where the gap exists.  My feel pretty much always end up in the crack.  Then there is the crack.  No matter how hard you cinch down the straps holding your pads together there is still a tiny bit of air that gets up in between the pads.  Because we were sleeping under a quilt we don’t have any downy sleeping bag on the bottom to keep us warm.  We are relying entirely on the warmth from our sleeping pads to insulate the bottom half of us.  So it’s pretty unpleasant when there is a minuscule stream of cold air constantly invading the warmth you are trying to build up inside the quilt.  Enter, the double sleeping pad with no cracks.

Starfish-ing, spread eagle, whatever you want to call it. 
On top of all that, the double sleeping pad is designed to act like some fancy Swedish tempurpedic mattress.  The pad consists of two separate air chambers, which you blow up independently from each other.  The brilliant thing about this is that when one person moves the other person doesn’t feel it.  I’m a pretty big trasher, so this is a huge plus for Kyle.

Basically, thank you Exped, thank you double sleeping pad, thank you universe.  NOW, if I can just manifest one more thing… a double sleeping pad half pad.  Take this exact pad and just cut the length in half (and the weight in half).  Alright, I’ll let you get on that.

Love it. 
PS I have not actually used this sleeping pad yet, so I am writing this based solely on my uncontainable excitement and online reviews.  Expect an actual gear review after we have used it for a couple of weeks.

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6 thoughts on “Sleeping Pad Dreams Do Come True

  1. Looking forward to how this pad works for you. During our PCT thu-hike in 2014 we had two maybe three pad failures. Luckily we had our halved Z-Pads (that we used for sit pads) for back up…and we bought our pads at REI so we got replacements pretty quick. Wouldn’t hike without an air pad though…a good nights sleep is way more important than shedding a few ounces. Good luck!


    1. Yeah, pad failures are certainly a concern for me, but we are going to try to be really careful about where we set up and clearing out a space for our tent. We hiked the AT with inflatable pads and never had a problem, and we worked in the desert for around two years and camped there using inflatable pads so fingers crossed… but disaster can strike when you least expect it!!

      1. Ya, we always say, ‘what’s an adventure without a mishap…or two’. In any event I am looking forward to your evaluation of the pad, as I really want to get one. I’m tired of ending up in the middle of our pads…on the cold hard ground, especially when I am the one that sleeps cold.

  2. I’m interested in this. Our Big Agnes pads are wide and comfy but that ever widening gap in the middle is always a problem because I always end up in it!!

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