Happy 3rd Birthday to Tandemtrekking!

A couple of days ago WordPress informed me, by way of a notification and a charge to my bank account, that Tandem Trekking is now three years old!  A lot has happened in three years and a lot of changes have taken place on this blog.  When we started this blog three years ago it was simply a way for family and friends to keep track of us on the AT.  However, once the AT was over I found myself still coming back to the blog, wanting to write more, and knowing that there were future adventures that were going to need to be recorded.  So to celebrate I want to look back at each year, see what the most popular posts were, and share some other fun stats with you!  Each post is linked so you can go check them out for yourself.

2013: The year of inception

The year in a nutshell: I published this blog on January 25th, 2013.  I had been working on it for a while before I published it but shortly after publishing it I decided it wasn’t good enough and purchased a premium theme.  That is how we came to have the blog you see today.  Pretty much all of my posts in 2013 were Appalachian Trail oriented.

Top Post: My top post of 2013 was Trail Blues, which I wrote shortly after getting off trail.  Trail Blues is a term that thru hikers use to describe the depression they often sink into after returning to normal life.  I was not surprised to discover that I was experiencing some trail blues after the AT.

Runner Up Post: The Half Gallon Challenge was a close second.  It was certainly the post with the most views, at one point it received 9,000 views in one day.  This was all thanks to Reddit.  Someone had posted a question on Reddit about epic food eating challenges and someone else linked our post in a comment about the half-gallon challenge.  For those of you who don’t know the half-gallon challenge is something thru hikers partake in when they reach the halfway point on trail in Pennsylvania.  As the name suggests, it involves consuming a half-gallon on ice cream in one sitting.  Our post on the subject contains a series of videos we took while attempting the ice cream eating fête.  I hope you enjoy them as much as the Reddit community did.

Fun Facts: 

  • 72 posts published
  • Top search term: tandem trekking
  • Top two countries that view the blog: United States and the Netherlands
  • Top two referrers: Facebook and Appalachian Trials

 2014: The year of the embolism

The year in a nutshell: Kyle and I had started out the year of 214 strong with the decision to train for a marathon and we were busy planning backpacking trips for the summer.  I got an awesome job with a conservation corps and took my WFR.  We were balanced on the precipice of our first backpacking trip when Kyle got a blood clot in his leg which led to a blood clot in his lung which pretty much ended our adventure filled summer.  As a result it was a pretty abysmal year on the blog.

Top Post: The Half Gallon Challenge still dominated as top post thanks to Reddit.

Runner Up Post: I wrote a post, Sexism Plaguing Our Gear Companies, after a very frustrating trip to REI.  I don’t necessarily think that the issues I wrote about in the post pertain specifically to REI and I have nothing against REI, that is where we do a lot of our shopping.  However, I do think the conversation about technical clothing for women, what colors the pieces come in, how they fit, etc., these are all important discussions to have.  As a woman in a still male dominated industry it is important to push for equality and respect.

Fun Facts:

  • 23 posts published
  • Top search term: Corporal Punishment Lashes (what?!?!)
  • Top two countries that view the blog: United States and Canada
  • Top two referrers: Facebook and Reddit

2015: A year of adventure

The year in a nutshell: Last year was a year of all sorts of crazy new mountain adventures.  We took our Boealps course and learned how to mountaineer!  We climbed peaks all over Washington, big and small.  We got engaged on top of Mount Rainier.  I had a couple awesome trail crew jobs.  We started to plan for the PCT.  Last year made up for the year before it ten fold.  Also, last year was the year people starting finding our blog by searching things like “girl pooping woods”. So, yay.

Top Post: The Ironic Proposal was the top post with 3,300 views in one day (this probably isn’t that many in the scheme of the internet but I feel good about it).  This is still one of my favorite posts I have ever written, it makes me tear up.  Go read it if you haven’t before.

Runner Up Post: Our second most popular post for all of last year was How to shit in the woods… which strangely marked our blog as the best resource for anyone wondering about pooping in the woods.  That is how many people find us every day, by searching about pooping in the woods.  And that’s really all I can say about that.

Fun Facts: 

  • 63 posts published
  • Top search term: girl pooping outdoor
  • Top two countries that view the blog: United States and United Kingdom
  • Top two referrers: Facebook and search engines

So there you have a summary of the past three years.  What are my goals for this blog?  To continue sharing with you the adventures we undertake, the growth we experience, our fears and our triumphs, and to inspire you to take off down your own path into the unknown.  Thank you so much for following along!

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11 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday to Tandemtrekking!

  1. Happy Birthday! I only started following you recently, but you’ve created a great blog and I’m excited for many more years of interesting posts!
    Oh and btw. I’m super jealous of your PCT experience this year. I hope it all works out the way you planned – well, as far as one can say that when hiking this trail…

  2. Hi Lindsey and Kyle. Thanks for all your hard work writing interesting, fun and informative blogs! As new-ish bloggers ourselves (documenting our hikes on Europes big trails), your latest post has been a really useful insight in how your blog has developed.

    We particularly liked your posts on ‘why we hike’, especially your comment about keeping the reasons relevent year to year. After reading your post we thought more about our own reasons and decided that it was the chance to live out an ideal of living simply and close to nature. Out hiking we feel in balance with ourselves and the world Good luck on the PCT!

  3. Congratulations! I just started my blog a few weeks ago. I feel like it is starting to come together. I hope in three years, I have just as many positive things to say! Have fun on the PCT. I’ll be following your adventure.

  4. Lindsey and Kyle – thank you for your perseverance in keeping this blog going. I, for one, look forward to seeing your posts pop up on my screen. I look forward to your upcoming adventures.

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