Mazama Ridge, Mt Rainier

The day after we went to Artist Point Kyle and his friend Phil and his friend Ryan drove down to Mt Rainier to snowshoe Mazama Ridge.  I couldn’t go because I was working a double that day.  Sigh.  However, they brought back these beautiful pictures for me to post and said that although it was windy and cold, it was stunning!  We have done Mazama Ridge before, it’s a fairly easy snowshoe out of Paradise and there isn’t a ton of avalanche danger if you are careful.  It has incredible views of Rainier and of the Tatoosh Range.  I miss that mountain, so I was happy to see it again, even if only through photos.  Here is the evidence of the trip.

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4 thoughts on “Mazama Ridge, Mt Rainier

  1. I’m curious to know what type of camera and or lenses (if any) that you all use. Your pictures are amazing and I’m looking to up my game.

    Thanks for the updates and the beautiful photos.

  2. I’ve only been to Mount Rainier in the summertime. These pictures are amazing. I would love to snowshoe up there. Thank you so much for sharing. awesome pics!

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