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Artist Point

On New Years day Kyle and I decided to finally brave the six hour round trip to the North Cascades to snowshoe out to Artist Point, rumored to be one of the most beautiful views around.  Turns out a million and one other people had the same idea so it was kind of a busy day out at the point.  It was also a beautiful day, one of the first sunny times we have both been available to get outside.  Even though I gave Kyle a hard time for making us drive longer than we hiked it was worth it.

The snowshoe itself went smoothly.  Kyle, of course, had to emergency poop about twenty minutes after we left the parking lot, something he somehow managed to blame on me.  We didn’t have any blue bags so he had to improvise with a large ziplock that no longer had the pleasure of housing all of our crackers for the day.  After things got figured out he was a much happier camper.  We made it up to the point, a place that very few of the masses actually went to, they all tended to stop further back along the ridge.  The views were incredible.  Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan towered above us, covered in snow, looking both tempting and chilly.  Knowing that we had stood on top of Baker made me tingle.

We munched on crackers out of the dry sack they had been relocated to and fought off Robber Jays with snow balls.  My PeakFinder ap wasn’t working on my phone because I need to upgrade (that reminds me…) so we decided to whip out the compass and do a little orienteering.  We were in the middle of taking some bearings off surrounding peaks and then transferring them to our map when someone eating near by asked, “Did you teach yourself how to us that thing?”  We laughed and admitted that we had taken a class.  I gently teased her, asking if she was carrying a compass even though she didn’t know how to use it.  She admitted she was.  We all giggled.  Then we told her all about Boealps and how affordable it was and how much we learned.  She seemed intrigued, both by our schpeal and our ability to actually use the mythical compass device.  Eventually we went back to our mountain identification and snacking.  After we had given all the mountains names we wandered back to the parking lot.  It was an extremely relaxing and gorgeous day, the perfect way to start the new year.  I hope the beginning of everyone else’s year was just as lovely.

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