What are the top search terms that lead people to TandemTrekking?

I just thought I would share a fun blog fact with everyone out there.  Every day when I open the computer and check out the blog’s stats I inevitably find the following:

Screen shot 2015-12-08 at 12.47.10 PM

For those of you that don’t use wordpress just know that there is a stat page that allows you to see how many people visit your blog, how they get there, and what they look at.  As many of your wordpress users probably already know most of the search terms that lead people to your blog are labeled as Unknown Search Terms, but occasionally you actually get to see what people searched to find you.  What I see is that the majority of searches that lead people to TandemTrekking are some iteration of “girl pooping outdoor”.

If you break down the stats the top term that leads people to the blog is a simple search for “Tandem Trekking”, thank goodness.  But after that shit hits the fan.  The next top search terms are: “girl pooping outdoor”, “pooping hiking”, “girl pooping in woods”, “how to poop when camping”, “trekking pooping” “girlfriend pooping camping” and strangely, “lil candy”.  Some of the search terms are disturbingly specific, like “tandem trekking lindsey video pooping” or “tandem trekking lindsey toilet”.  To be clear there are no videos of me pooping on this blog…  Others make me concerned that people stumble across our blog during disturbing sexual searches for things like “women pooping outdoors photo”, and “women pooping in the woods”.  I can only feel good about the fact that they will not find what they are looking for on this blog.  Some people have found the blog by very plainly typing “how to shit” into google.  I lament that we can not help them answer this question, and hope that they weren’t in too much pain when they wrote it.  Ultimately if you add up all the search terms that involve poop they far out weight any other search term or groupings of terms that people use to find the blog.  While I am not yet sure how to feel about this I guess I have one thing to be thankful for: how much people care about poop.

P.S. Oh, and to all those perverts out there, rest assured, I am never going to post a video or a photo of myself pooping.  Sorry.  Go google someone else.


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22 thoughts on “What are the top search terms that lead people to TandemTrekking?

  1. Oh I figured that’s why you have those posts, to increase traffic. Sure it would be a bait and switch, but whatever works. Actually I’m pretty sure I found your blog some other way, but I don’t remember exactly.

  2. Love this…. thanks for the laugh:)

    I hear you being a female myself and a outdoor blogger….some searches are just unimaginable.

  3. Who are these people that go to a search engine and look for girl pooping in the woods? My guess is they’re looking for pictures not travel blogs. you can only imagine what lurks within that ever-present unknown search terms category.

      1. I may have to break my promise. I have considered writing about hiker hygiene. It was a big part of what I needed to discuss with hikers last March when I was ridgerunning in Georgia. I got really tired of cleaning up gross messes.

      2. Oh god, I bet. And that is some seriously important information to have out there for people! If you have personal experience on it I think writing a post about hygiene in the woods would be great!

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