BoeAlps Photography Contest Winners!

So I don’t thank Kyle nearly enough for what a wonderful photographer he is but this last week we won a couple of prizes for some of his beautiful photographs from BoeAlps at their annual BoeAlps Photography Competition.  He really is an amazing photographer.  Here are the winners:

Second place in the Humorous Photo Category, taken at the base of the Colonial Glacier in the North Cascades National Park
Mount Rainier-32
First place in the People category, taken at Ingraham Flats on Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier-33
Second place in the People category (I actually too this one), taken at Ingraham Flats on Mount Rainier
Second place in the Wildlife/Nature category, taken in the Enchantments
Mount Baker-31
Second place for Climbing Class category, taken near the summit of Mt Baker
Third place for Mountain Scene category, taken at Pan Handle gap on the Wonderland Trail

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  1. Can’t argue with the experts. Congratulations on the fabulous photos (and thanks for sharing them – they’re inspiring!)

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