Accidental Lifeproof Case Commercial

This last Saturday was Kyle and mine’s second Boealps outing.  Our first outing was to St. Edwards State Park to practice belay, rappel, clipping into a fixed line, knots, navigation, and lastly, coiling ropes.  Chances are, to many of you, that is just a bunch of jargon and while it is becoming more of a natural lingo for us it still feels pretty foreign.  Our last outing to Mt. Erie in Annacortes helped continue the cementing of certain skills into our repertoire, mainly belaying and rappelling.  Belaying is something that we are used to doing every day at the rock climbing gym but rappelling… well this was definitely the first time I had walked myself backwards off a cliff. It was pretty fun!  It is a crazy feeling, lowering yourself horizontally down the rock, suspended mid-air, nothing between you and the ground but ropes and anchors.  Awesome.  In the process of my first rappel I managed to capture this accidental commercial for Lifeproof cases (if you watch my right pocket carefully when the slow motion hits you will see my phone slip out):

Phone is still going strong after a thirty foot drop… I highly recommend Lifeproof cases, especially after this incident.  Our hope is to continue getting footage of our different outings to share with you and this was our first practice run with the GoPro.  Note to self: slow down your head movements!

On Wednesday night we found out our climbing teams for the season and ours is pretty awesome, full of great people who have lots of experience and passion.  Getting our team assignments has only made me more excited for the rest of this experience.  Tomorrow we head up to Mt Baker to learn snow travel and self arrest techniques.  Also, we have to come up with a team name, so if anyone has any awesome climbing oriented puns that could work let me know!  So far Pirates of the Carabiner is my favorite.

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15 thoughts on “Accidental Lifeproof Case Commercial

  1. Love the phone storey, we dropped one in a camp fire this year, needless to say it didn’t survive. Good luck on your hike at Baker, it is a beautiful mountain but can’t imagine climbing it.

  2. We love the Lifeproof case case but it’s important to know that most aftermarket cords will not fit because of the larger plastic molding most cords have around the plug. Take a spare “Apple” cord so you don’t get caught in the river without a working cord like we did.

  3. ahaha – my Lifeproof case has saved my iPhone so many times. Brilliant [accidental] advert.

  4. Good timing guys. We purchased an “overboard” bag to keep our phone in while in our boats (can tie it down, it floats, etc..), but were searching for the right case for the phone. Your post prompted us to look seriously at the “lifeproof”, which we eventually decided on. Nice case…slim design allows it to slide easily in and out of our “overboard” waterproof bag. Thanks for the advice !

    1. Yeah! Leg wraps, great part of rappelling cause then you can take your hands off the rope safely and get cool pictures of your surroundings or take a break!

  5. Lifeproof cases are the best!!! I love that I can be out in all sorts of weather taking pictures and do not have to worry about the safety of my phone. It enables me to take some awesome pictures with my phone. I was skeptical of them at first but I love mine now.

    1. I’m not sure, as a team we get to choose our grad climb, or at least have a lot of sway over what we do. Baker would be awesome but depending on the skill set it might be cool to do something harder and a little less well known? Only time will tell. Currently it is the only place that has snow… so I have a feeling we will be spending lots of time there.

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