Giving Talks on the AT

So two weeks ago I ventured back to my alma mater, Willamette University, in order to give two separate presentations about the Appalachian trail.  The first one was for the schools outdoor program and centered around the trail itself and our thru hike.  The second presentation was the next day for the National Institute of Sports and Athletics (NIRSA) state conference that Willamette was hosting and focused on the preparation that happens before a thru hike can occur.  I am happy to say both talks went well!  As always it is a blast to talk about the AT and to see others become curious about all the incredible and unique things that happen out on trail.  Below I have posted the links to both presentations and I have added a new page to my blog, which has all sorts of resources for people looking to undertake a thru hike!  Please check it out and let me know if there are other websites, blogs, books, anything that I should add!  If you have a club or group that you would be interested in having me (and hopefully Kyle next time) come speak with please feel free to contact me at!

Prezi on Thru Hiking the Appalachian Trail!

Thru Hiking Prep Prezi

Visit my new page of resources for would be thru hikers by clicking here!

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    1. I went to Willamette University and am really close friends with the man that runs Campus Rec and their Outdoor Program. He had been asking me to come down for a while and talk to his employees about long distance thru hiking and the date we picked just happened to land on the NIRSA conference week! I would love to give more of them because, as I am sure you know, talking about your thru hike is the best thing ever.

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