What it’s Like to Be An Obsessive Planner…

Last night I had my first dream about hiking the PCT.  It was our first day on trail and we were just reaching this campground area with this big grassy field and a bunch of cabins.  We consulted the map/guidebook and turns out we had already gone eight miles!  In our guide book we had written down that we wanted to stay at this campground that night so despite the fact that it still seemed to be the middle of the day and I didn’t feel tired in the dream we headed towards a cabin.  Inside the cabin were lots of two person cots, one of which Kyle and I claimed.  We pulled out our sleeping bags and got inside (it seemed very cold at that point) and listened to the chatter of other hikers around us.  This is when we overheard one hiker saying he was surprised so many people had decided to stay in the cabin, usually people avoided it because of the bugs.  We turned to ask him what bugs?  Were they big ones?  Because that didn’t really bother me.  No, he informed us, they were tiny lice like ones.  I started to see little tiny flea shaped creatures on all of the surfaces but it turns out they were even smaller than that, and if you looked close enough you could see that nothing was in fact solid.  Every surface was coated in a very fine layer of tiny tiny tiny bugs.  Yuk.  We packed up our stuff and headed outside to sleep in the tent but all I could think about is how everything was already infested and how this was not a good start to a five month adventure…

So clearly I am starting to feel a little bit of anxiety for an adventure that is still only a pipe dream.  But this comes as no surprise to me because lately I have had a lot of free time and in that free time I have begun the process of planning for a hike that could never happen.  These plans are just the very smallest and simplest first steps toward what I know is a behemoth of planning.  It is really more the pre-planning stage… you know, researching what books I want to buy in order to help me plan the hike, looking into what websites and bloggers I want to get my food dehydrating advice from, reading and re-reading all the books I have on meal preparation.  The other day I spent hours looking into Esbit stoves and Caldera Cones so I would know what kind of stove we want… when we buy a new stove… in the future.  There are probably people planning on hiking the PCT this April that have, so far, put in less than I have.  But I can’t help it, I am an obsessive planner.  I love it.  When I did the math the other day and discovered that some day I am going to have to plan around 400 meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, my heart jumped for joy.

But that is possibly years away… so seriously, if anyone has anything they need help planning, a long hike this summer, dinner tomorrow night… anything, please hit me up.  I have got to get my mind off the PCT.

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3 thoughts on “What it’s Like to Be An Obsessive Planner…

  1. Funny and icky dream all at the same time. I guess I kept thinking of Kyle and his phobia of spiders which made me giggle a bit from your last escapade on the Appalachian trail. Nothing wrong with being thorough. PMS

  2. Nice to see that there are other obsessive planners out there 🙂 Honestly, I feel a bit lost if I’m not planning something. I finished planning a road trip to New York in December and have yet to find something else to plan…it’s driving me nuts!

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