Dehydrate Me Purple

Most of the time I try to put it out of my head that Kyle and I have to wait a full two years to hike the PCT.  But sometimes I can’t help myself and I immerse myself in the world of PCT planning.  This ranges from looking at new gear, reading every inch of the PCTA’s website, and lately, obsessing over how to have the best food drops ever.

I love to plan things.  The idea of planning around five months of dehydrated meals and an elaborate mail drop schedule is irresistible, it’s taking all my self control to not start now.  But there’s not harm in just looking right?  Doing some research on what’s out there?  Definitely not!  So, I have compiled the following list of websites that will be helpful to anyone wanting to learn about dehydrating food or looking to put together backpacking menus.

Backpacker Chef– Backpacker Chef has by far the most complete and extensive website that I have found on dehydrating food and making menus.  He’s great, I want his cook book…

Food Storage– Food Storage is a website that sells dehydrated and freeze dried in bulk.  You can get all sorts of veggies, fruits, meats, beans, cheese, milk… this list goes on and on.  You can by this stuff at Costco!  But you have to buy, what seems like a lifetime supply of it…

Harmony Foods– Similar to Food Storage with all the same options.  I would order from both just to mix up flavors.

Wilderness Dining– A comprehensive website with all sorts of food, light, heavy, fully freeze dried meals, other companies products, stoves… the list goes on and on.  This website has, by far, the biggest variety of premade backpacking meals I have seen (meals by Mountain house, Backpacker’s Pantry, Natural High, etc.)  They have meals by these companies that I have never seen or tried, and I thought after our freeze dried stint in the Whites I had tried everything…

These websites make me so excited I don’t know what to do with myself.  Who knew there were so many great dried foods out there for sale.  Using these ingredients I can make some pretty bomb meals.  So far I have come up with recipes for jambalaya, tortellini salad, and kale, white bean, and sausage soup!  To top it all of I have a new gear purchase to make…  A excalibur dehydrator…  that way I can make all the amazing things the Backpacker Chef uses on his website that you can’t buy at Food Storage or Harmony Foods.  Kyle and I are going to eat like kings on the PCT.  Just saying.



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