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I know what you have all been wondering… how is marathon training going?  Oh you haven’t been wondering?  Well I am here to fill you in on things, even if you don’t care about them!  Today Kyle and I ran seven miles… every week our long run is the longest I have ever run and so far it always feels good!  Here are the updates from our recent running progression:

Do I like running??

Before this endeavor I had always been a person who strictly hated to run, it’s soooooo boring!  However, since we have started our training program for this marathon my feelings towards running have shifted… why?  I can’t figure out if it’s because there is an awesome badass goal at the end (I am extremely goal oriented) or if it’s because I am running differently than I ever have before.  To begin with I am almost exclusively trail running.  On some of my short runs I will run around the neighborhood or home from work, but for the most part I am getting out into the beautiful parks here in Seattle and running on trails.  Maybe it’s just me but trail running is SO much more fun, its like hiking… but faster.  There are pretty things to see and squirrels to look at and twists and turns and curves in the trail.  I have also started listening to music and crafted my own perfect running playlist.  I will write another blogpost entirely on running and music but for now I just want to say, listening to music both motivates me and allows me to zone out and loose track of time in a way I was unaware of before!

Compression Socks

I just want to do a quick review of compression socks/sleeves.  Before we started training Kyle had been running to work a few times a week and he was starting to feel shin splints coming on.  So, when we decided to start marathon training, he looked into compression socks/sleeves, since they are supposed to help.  We headed to the ever helpful REI and looked into buying him a pair.  The saleswoman had some great advice.  She suggested the sleeves instead of the socks because then their performance did not hinge on the sock element.  She pointed out that Kyle might already have sock brands that he prefers and that don’t give him blisters and that if bought the compression socks they might not work for his feet.  On top of that she pointed out that the sock part of the apparatus will wear out faster than the sleeve part and if you buy the compression sock you end up having to replace the whole device sooner than if you just get a sleeve.  You also have to wash the sleeve less since it isn’t in contact with your feet.  We decided to go for the sleeves, although part of me was skeptical… wasn’t this all just some running fad?  Well I am happy to announce that Kyle’s shin splint symptoms have completely abated since then.  Placebo or no I’d say its worth the forty bucks we paid.

GPS watches 

We also decided to invest in some GPS watches right off the bat to help us track our mileage and pacing.  We went with the Garmin Forerunner 10, simple, cheap(er), uncomplicated, and sufficient for what we need.  They seem to be working great so far.  Occasionally they take a while to find our location (two minutes tops probably) but once they do they seem to track our run pretty accurately.  Sometimes we will find that one of our watches thinks we have run a little bit more or less than the other one does.  So obviously they aren’t 100% accurate.  And you have to remember to charge them… or they will die.  One questions I still have is whether the battery will hold up for long runs but we will have to wait and see!


I just quickly want to say how thankful I am that is the norm for women to wear sports bras.  Today Kyle and I were running along, somewhere around mile five, of a pretty wet run and I look over to find Kyle holding his shirt away from his chest.  Chaffing nipples.  Later we joked that he should just get himself a sports bra!  When we were hiking I remember Kyle’s nipples chaffing for a week or two and then they must have toughened up or callused because I never heard about it again.  I brought this  up and Kyle laughed, “damn city slicker nipples!”  So… that’s that, Kyle’s nipples have gone all soft and weak, living in the city.

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  1. Hey guys. The last time I was exposed to the sensitive “nipple chafing” subject was racing motocross in my youth. The recommendation at that time was simply a bandaid over each of the aforementioned offending nipples. Just a thought!

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