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Oyster Dome

Coolest cracked rock ever!!

Monday was one of those rare nice Pacific Northwest spring days.  We’ve had a pretty wet spring, Kyle keeps getting angry when the skies open up after a nice day and pour again.  But that’s how spring is here, raining one second, sunny the next.  So that’s why days like Monday are special days.  It actually got up to seventy five degrees on Monday and all the clouds in the sky were white and puffy.  I was lucky enough to have a hiking date with my lovely pseudo-sister Elaine.  We were going to Oyster Dome, a place that rang some bells in my mind and was on her list of hikes to do.

Forty minutes away from the trail head and further from Seattle I realized I had forgotten my hiking boots.  I started swearing under my breath and twisting around in my seat, willing it to not be true.  It was.  Hmmm.  Elaine looked at me, and asked, “What are you going to do?” There was no turning back so other possibilities started to pop up: hike in crocs… no that’s just a silly terrible idea, stop and buy a new pair of tennis shoes… that seems expensive, think, think, think… GRANDMA!  It was then that it hit me, we were only twenty minutes away from Mount Vernon, where my Grandma lived, and I happen to be lucky enough to have a pretty badass Grandma.  For some people borrowing hiking boots from their Grandma would just not be an option.  But when I called mine up she seemed unsurprised and when I asked to borrow a pair of shoes she said, “Well I just got back from exercise but you can use my tennis shoes or my hiking boots, whichever you prefer!”  Thanks Grandma! So with that catastrophe averted it was on to Oyster Dome.  What a hike it is.  Even the drive!  You think you are just driving through fertile farm land that goes on forever and then BAM the ocean is right there and you are winding your way along steep craggy hills next to the bay.

The hike itself was relatively gentle with a few steep ups.  Near the top there is a T in the path, the left leading to Oyster Dome and the right leading to Lilly Lake (I think that’s what it was called).  However, there are not really any signs stating which path leads to where.  One direction looked flatter and more inviting, as if the end was just around the corner, so of course Elaine wanted to head that way.  But I was not about to start down a path without knowing where it was taking us and right in the nick of time I spied some etchings in a tree near the T.  OD was one way and LL was the other, and lucky we had looked a little bit harder because we would have been heading to Lilly Lake!  Only a little farther up and we were at Oyster Dome, which consists of some big slabs of rock overlooking the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands.  This is truly a beautiful spot.  I recommend this hike to anyone and everyone, its gorgeous!  Bellow are some pictures.  Enjoy.

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