OspreyAt40 Challenge, Help Me Out!

Hellooo all!  Man I have been absent… bad me.  But seriously, living in a city… there aren’t a lot of go-proable, blogable, photo snappin moments.  Well, obviously there are lots of things to write about and I know other people who have great blogs about city living.  One of my favorite blogs is a blog about restaurant antics, of which I experience a lot every day.  Other people have great fashion blogs, great pictures of sky scrapers, all sorts of things.  Clearly the city isn’t my thing, but I am trying to transition, trying to find things to write about.  Today isn;t that day.  Today I am entering into a contest to win an new Osprey pack.  Why would I want to win a new Osprey pack, you wonder?  Because my current pack, my Granite Gear, hiked with me for two thousand miles.  It got beat to shit, scraped against trees and rocks, ripped, wet, covered in mosquito blood, and my own sweat.  It smelled… awful, and even now after a good wash there is still something reminiscent of hiker stench.  It carried all of my gear but it also hurt my hips.  It was a trusty companion on a very long journey but man, would I like to have a new pack.  So help me out, click on the link and like my entry on my page!  This is the picture I submitted.


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