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Fresh Powder

FINALLY the Northwest got some fresh snow.  Last Friday Abigail, my mom, my mom’s friend Anita, and I headed up to Paradise in order to snowshoe out to reflection lake.  When we got to the lower lodge we were greeted by a closed gate and the information that they wouldn’t be opening the road to Paradise until eleven because it was taking so long to clear the roads.  I took this as a very good sign.  To pass the time we headed out on a very short romp on the Wonderland Trail (don’t worry Wonderland Trail, I’ll be back) and got back to the cars just in time to have a sandwich and head through the recently opened gates.

Once at Paradise we got to break trail in two feet of fresh powder down to Reflection Lake.  It was a stunning hike and a happy day, seeing so much of that fluffy white stuff.

And so it continues, getting outside despite living in the biggest city in Washington.  It is possible!

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