My Gear Wish List

‘Tis the season and although we don’t do a lot of presents in my life (we prefer making memories) I still dream. So here is my dream gear list for the holiday season:

imgres-2Go-Pro HERO3+ Black Edition with some goodies – While I love our small Olympus Tough camera and it did take some awesome film (video of our trip is in the works) my jaw still drops when I see things filmed with a Go-Pro. So clear, so crisp, and so many wonderful ways to attach it to yourself. This camera could make anything look epic and badass.


Hilleberg’s Nammatj 2, Black label –  I want a four season tent reeeeal bad. I live in the Northwest, either you get into winter camping or half the year is off-limits to you as an outdoorswomen.  Hilleberg is renowned for having crazy-amazing four season tents and the Nammatj gets great reviews. If Outdoor Gear Lab says it’s good, I believe it. I think this tent provides a great compromise between comfort, weight and strength.

imagesZpacks 20 Degree Double Quilt: One of the next steps Kyle and I have to take in order to lighten up our packs is switching to a quilt.  We knew people who had the Zpacks 20 Degree on trail and it was amazingly warm for how light it is.  Zpacks is also one of the few companies that makes a double quilt and you have the option of hydrophobic down. Yes please!

5_5_3Hyperlite Mountain Gear’s UltaMid 4 person tent –  This tent intrigues me.  It is supposed to be great in cold weather, great with condensation, absolutely huge and super light. You can even get it with bug netting around the bottom. If only it wasn’t so expensive, $800.00 dollars, YIKES!

imgresGossamer Gear LT4 trekking poles – Lets face it, these are sexy trekking poles.  They are adjustable and the strapless ones (who likes straps anyway?) even come with a camera mount!


Thermarest Neoair- Seriously, how do I still not own one of these?

Aduro-150x150Elemental Horizons’ Aduro SL – This pack is exactly what I have been asking for, light weight combined with lots of support! Actually all of Elemental Horizons backpacks look awesome.

Mini tablet of some kind- Yes, I own mostly Apple products and would probably prefer an iPad with a Lifeproof case but I’m not picky. I just want something that has all the aps and features, where I can access my blog, skype, and email, and that is durable and waterproof (hence some kind of case). One of my biggest problems on the AT was being unable to write daily because we were on trail. I would love to fix that on future long distance hikes. I would also love to consolidate things like books, journals, maps, cameras, ect. into one nifty tool, like a tablet.

Wearing my favorite Icebreaker tank on trail. I wore this shirt until it had holes all over it.

Icebreaker anything – I don’t know what everyone’s obsession is with Smartwool, when I want baselayers I always go with Icebreaker. The colors, shapes and textures they have are more up my alley.  I have a black v-neck wool shirt of theirs that I wear all the time… for everything.  I could always do with some more Icebreaker!

Last but not least I want to remind people who during this season of buying gifts and asking for presents remember to support small businesses around the country! While not all of my above items are made by small businesses a few are and if you are looking for other cottage manufacturers check out Outdoor Trail Gear at  It’s an awesome co-op that reviews and supports all sorts of companies!

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