Half Gallon Challenge


In honor of reaching the half way point it is tradition for thru-hikers to attempt to eat a half-gallon of ice cream.  This is supposed to be an easy feat because of hiker hunger, the voracious appetite that hikers develop whilst on trail.  Both Kyle and I thought that this would be a brilliant symbolic act and rolled into Pine Grove Furnace State Park around nine o’clock in the morning for some ice cream breakfast.  The following is video documentation of what ensued. Please excuse any foul language. And please, do not try this at home.

Things started out strong:

Until Kyle thought that I was slowing down:

He powered on through despite having to take a poop:

And finished in twenty-nine minutes!

I was struggling at this point:

I even tried making it into a milkshake:

I thought I could get away with just eating five more bites:

It was painful:

Kyle had wandered across the veranda because I wasn’t going anywhere fast when suddenly, he looked up from the phone to see me going for it!  He sprinted across the patio to capture my last final bites on camera!

And thus the challenge was complete. We had earned our tiny wooden spoons as a trophy and the pride of finishing the half-gallon challenge. To celebrate we hiked another thirteen miles that day. Just another day in the life of an AT thru-hiker.

PS Sorry this post took so long to get up, this actually took place about a month ago. However, I have had to load one video at a time at different libraries up the trail. It has been a painstaking process. But they were too good not to share.

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5 thoughts on “Half Gallon Challenge

  1. hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahah this made me miss you guys so much

  2. You made one of my most favorite things look like agony but in true spirit of the trail. You both look good and I heard no profanity even after the last dregs of ice cream passed your lips so overall quite impressive. Hope your birthday was celebrated with something else other than ice cream? lol

  3. Lindsey & Kyle, that was a great sickening experience. Will you ever be able to eat that flavor icecream again? I almost got sick watching you take that last slurp Lindsey.

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