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Attention! Attention!

We realize that we can be a little hard to get ahold of us out here in the wilderness and that deducing our exact location can be quite impossible. But for your convenience we have worked out where we will be in about two weeks! There have been some requests for addresses to which letters or packages can be sent so for those of you that are dying to become trail angels from the comfort of your own home here’s what you can do! Mail anything you like with the following address on it:

Hold for thru hikers Lindsey Falkenburg and Kyle Knudson
ETA 5/10/13
In care of:
Mt. Rogers Outfitters
PO box 546
110 W Laurel Ave
Damascus, VA 24236

We will get it! Not sure what to send? Well, we’d be excited to receive pretty much anything, from words of encouragement to baked goods 🙂 Just as long as it’s not to heavy. We love and miss you all, if you would like to receive a post card from us (the best we can do on a limited budget) please leave your address in a comment on this post! Keep on trekking.

P.S. May tenth is an estimate for when we will be there. It is possible we will be there a little early. So err on the side of earlier then later and don’t send anything toooo perishable 🙂

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