How Things Are Shaping Up

Two months out from the hike we’ve decided we had better implement some sort of a exercise routine.  Attempts to exercise seem to go two different ways.  Way one involves a plan to exercise after Kyle gets off work, but then, when he gets home he’s pretty tired so instead we lounge in bed and work on this damn blog.  Way two involves a surge of guilt about not exercising, leading to a huge over the top running-squatting-crunch-gut-busting-fest, resulting in extreme soreness and inability to move the next day.  Despite these hurdles we found a great article in Backpackers Magazine that we have tried to adhere to.  The article is by John Colver and he has some strategies for staying in great hiking shape at  Below is his basic training plan.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday/Sunday
Cardio Endurance: 30 mins of fast walking or running (at 50% of max HR) Body-weight strength training: 30 mins Cross-train: 30 mins of cardio (at 65% of max HR); stretch for 10 mins Rest Day: Stay active (go on a leisurely walk), but don’t stress joints/muscles Cardio endurance: 30 mins of fast walking or running (at 50% of max HR) Overall endurance: One day, do a long hike; rest on the other day.

Since we are busy, working people we can’t always keep to this schedule, so I walk with my mom and her walking women at least twice a week and Kyle often rides his bike to work or into town.  Our favorite part of the week is the mandatory weekend hike.  Since we are in the Northwest and its winter we have supplemented hiking with snowshoeing and these are some of our favorite day trips so far:


*Disclaimer: We are pretty sure that no matter how in shape we try to be by the start of the AT the first month or so is going to kick our asses.

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As Edward Abbey said, "An indoor life is the next best thing to a premature burial."

6 thoughts on “How Things Are Shaping Up

  1. Howdy tandem trekkers,

    I’m planning on doing a thru-hike next year (14) and my workout schedule is actually fairly simple.

    I climb stairs for about an hour every other day (or maybe a bit longer), and that really burns up calories and strengthens leg climbing muscles. The other thing I do is swim every other other day to get super good cardio (if you stop swimming, you die!). Looks like you have a good schedule too though!

      1. Ha! I wish you guys good luck on your thru-hike. I’ll be here in the Smoky Mountains, may even be in the park when you make it to the Smokies!

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