Food For Thought

We were able to get quite a bit of food for our mail drops.  Here is an example for how much food we will eat in five days.

Meal/misc Day 1 Day 2 Day3 Day 4 Day 5
Breakfast Oatmeal x2 Grits x2 Pop tarts x2 Dehydrated eggs/hasbrowns Granola x2
Snack 1 Dried Fruit x2 Dried Fruit x2 Dried Fruit x2 Dried Fruit x2 Dried Fruit x2
Snack 2 Cliff bar x2 Cliff bar x2 Cliff bar x2 Cliff bar x2 Cliff bar x2
Snack 3 Jerky x2 Jerky x2 Jerky x2 Jerky x2 Jerky x2
Snack 4 Nuts x2 Nuts x2 Nuts x2 Nuts x2 Nuts x2
Dinner Mountain House Teriyaki Chicken x2 Cous Cous x2 Tortellini x2 Mountain House Pad Thai x2 Annies x2
Desert Chocolate x2 Chocolate x2 Rice Pudding x2 Chocolate x2 Chocolate x2


We also dehydrated some of our own veggies to add to our dinners.  Among the vegetable patch was red peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, tomates, spinach, squash, onions, and garlic.  Dried fruits may be common but a variety of dried vegetables is hard to come by.  We are hoping our dried veggies will add some sunshine to our dreary diet.

Before putting our maildrops together we read an article on the cons of doing maildrops.  The finer parts of the article touched on repetitive food choice, added cost, missed packages, malnourishment, and an added regimen to an otherwise obligation free trip.  We decided to do five maildrops anyway, just for fun.


We weighed our food drops and all our food for two people for five days only weighs 13 pounds!  Thats 7 pounds less then we were expecting.  This either means we are expert lightweight backcountry food shoppers or we will starve on the trail.  Stay tuned for the outcome.

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  1. We are 450 miles up the trail from Spring Mountain just above Watauga Lake on route 321. We offer different sleeping accommodations to AT hikers: Creekside Chalet with hot tub under the stars, a whirlpool tub room at the B&B atop the mountain or if you can stay a little longer, a couple of restful days at our House on Watauga Lake.
    We’ll pick you up, feed you and if you want to slack pack, there are a number of options for that. Just let us know at 423-768-2446.

    1. Thank you so much, that sounds amazing! We will write your number down and keep it with us. Im sure at that point we will be in sore need of a hot tub.

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