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Tandem Trekking is back with a brand new look and a Patreon account! For a while now we have been considering creating a Patreon account. Patreon is a website that connects creators with their patrons and allows patrons to support their creators through a monthly subscription. In doing so you get all sorts of cool […]

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Spring Cleaning


It’s around this time of the year that I get a little antsy and want to change up the blog. And so I am going to do just that. Before I get underway I wanted to inform everyone about the changes and a couple of other upcoming things. Blog Changes:  So like I said I […]

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Waking up to the sun on the tent was like waking up inside a womb. I was warm and peaceful and everything was glowing red. I lay in my sleeping bag for a long time, not wanting to leave but finally my curiosity got the better of me. For starters, what time was it? Would […]

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Up and Down


We were all up and ready to go by 1:00am, as had been our goal. Sarah said she didn’t feel so hot but she wanted to try climbing anyway. I felt fine physically but mentally I was feeling a little bit apathetic. I was sleepy and thirsty and cold already. Let’s do this. We started […]

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I woke up shortly after falling asleep feeling weird. My heartbeat, which had been under control at rest earlier in the day seemed louder than normal and no matter which position I flopped myself into I could still feel it reverberating in my chest. My throat was tight. In theory I was comfortable, all snuggled […]

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The courtyard at Summit Orizaba was littered with different four wheel drive vehicles, all of them sporting the hostel’s logo on the side. Kyle had been keeping his fingers crossed that we would get to take one of the Jeep Wagoneers up the mountain, so he was a little pouty when we were told to […]

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Adventures Abroad


This might come as a shock to you, but before this climbing trip to Pico de Orizaba Kyle and I had never traveled abroad together. Crazy, huh? Our trip to Mexico would be our first time in another country together. However, Mexico wasn’t new to either of us. I studied abroad in Oaxaca in college […]

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